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What We Offer

At Pro College, the services we offer include:

Web Applications

We build extremely user friendly cross-platform web applications that automate your business and increase efficiency and accountability

Mobile Applications

Connect with your clients on the go with scalable android and ios apps that deliver with speed and security

Desktop Applications

realize your software idea with our cross-platform and platform-specific desktop scalable applications that delivers to give you edge against competitors.

Internet of Things

With our specially trained engineers and programmers, armed with adruino kits and raspberry pi, we specialize in building intelligent electronic systems to provide solutions in businesses and in homes.


PCI Nigeria is a college for young programmers to become the very best they can be. With readily available resources and highly skilled programmers whoes dream is to nuture young programmers to become the best for the busines world.

Internet Service Provider

With our fibre optics internet backbone, we deliver high speed dedicated internet service to homes and offices at very competitive rates

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Brief History

Our goal at PCI Nigeria is to automate the process of businesses in Africa and beyond at more affordable costs. Software soutions for businesses are extremely costly and thats the problem PCI Nigeria aimes to solve, providing efficient & affordable software solutions while training young programmers to grow up to be world class software engineers and architects.

PCI Nigeria Ltd is made up of some of the finest minds from the worlds of software engineering and architecture, wireless technology and consumer electronics. With years of experience, The founders with the dream to make software solutions more affordable and also train young programmers to become world class standard have come together to make PCI a reality

Our Core Values

We are committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction.

As a company, we are unified by three core values:

Our mission is to make ICT solutions available and affordable for all organizations and establishments all over Nigeria.

Our vision is to produce millions of competent programmers and ICT personnel both in Nigeria and abroad.

Our policy as well as those of our associates is total commitment to the IT needs of our clients as well as to provide excellent service at a very high speed and a very competitive price.

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Train with us

We offer lifelong learning opportunities that are designed to provide young programmers the ability to advance their knowledge and skill-set and excel in present and future endeavors.

Some benefits of training with us include:

Corriculum courses designed by experts working in the software industry

Hands on real life projects training

Access to our IoT hubs across the country

Mentoring for life program for our selected outstanding students

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Easily customizable with great interface

Every business and organization have a specific software need that off the shelf softwares are not especially designed for. Our client-focused approach enables our team of developers to envisage your business requirements and develop a fully tailored software solution that solves your specific business needs.

If you're in the market for a reliable software company to take your business to next level in digitalization and give you edge over competitors, then you have come to the right place.

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Automate your business with us

Let us take your business to a smart, accountable and reliable standard, working with PCI Nigeria, you are guaranteed the folloowing:




Train with us to become a world class Software Engineer

At PCI, we use the most effective information technology training techniques to take your abilities to a world class standard to get you ahead of competitions conveniently and effectively

Students have full access to our resources and hubs accross the country for their project development at no cost at all.

At our centres, students can be assured of 100% satisfaction. Our courses are simplified with practical examples and guidance from our highly trained, experienced and certified trainers.

Register for our PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS training and acquire the skill to build web applications with authentication, access control and other great features

Our JAVA programming training equip students with required skill to build desktop applications with several capability

So whether you are fresher, final year students or youth corps member, our flexible time-table is well suited to accomodate your schedule.

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Why choose PCI Nigeria


Our software solutions are designed for utmost productivity, minimizing efforts, time and energy to keep users focused for maximum efficiency

Frequent updates

With our engineers always working to give clients utmost satisfaction, you are guaranteed frequent updates to improve your experience.


One of our primary mission is to make efficient software solution affordable. Our reasonable and highly competitive cost is what gives us the edge over competitors

Technical support

With PCI Nigeria, you're guranteed lifetime technical support on any of our services.


With our standard event logging algorithm, users of our software solutions become more accountable and efficient


Our software solutions are designed for flexibility in that it can accomodate addition requirements and future expansion and as your business progresses, the software gives room for expansion, modification and upgrade.

Why we stand out

Skilled and experienced team

We combine proven methodologies, business domain knowledge and technology expertise of 10+ skilled software professionals to deliver high quality solutions.

Reaching across industries

We have an experience with a wide range of industries and development a custom solutions for each representatives of them. So you can rely on our technology consultants who can apply their specific skills and experiences to unique industry challenges.

Modern approach

Leverage our proprietary methodologies, agile process, design thinking and advanced analytics to quickly and creatively solve the most complex business challenges.

Get in touch

Let us evaluate your project to see if PCI Nigeria is the right fit for your business. We will communicate with you to determine your project requirements and provide you with estimate cost for completion.

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